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About Us

Indigo Rising Herbs LLC

We are a solid Kratom vendor, and we have sold since 2011. We have a large collection of high grade Mitragyna Speciosa, both in retail and wholesale amounts. We prefer cryptocurrency for payments. You can easily buy bitcoin within ten minutes by doing the following:

Sign up for a Coinbase.com account or Coinmama.com account.

Link your Visa, Mastercard, or bank account to your new account.

Buy the amount of bitcoin you will need for your purchase (they do the math).

Come back and buy kratom instantly through our store. Checkout as you normally would, only by using bitcoin instead of a credit or debit card. This extra step takes 10-15 minutes the first time, but once you do it, it is quick and easy.

If you already have a Bitcoin wallet, there is no need to sign up for a new account, and you most likely already know how to use the currency of tomorrow. We assume most of our customers have never bought bitcoin, but soon Bitcoin will be the new standard payment method for all vendors around the globe.